6-pack Bright AF Lighting 1500 watt (6 units)


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Quantity 6 (six) units:

Shipped and supported from Colorado, USA.

★ Both Veg (vegetation) & bloom (flower) settings – Veg is used when the plants are in the germination stage or beginning of the leaf stage (430-660nm). Bloom (plus veg) is for plants in the flowering and fruiting stages (430-740nm).
★ Durable daisy chainable design – 3 cooling fans, metal casing, and solid construction. Max chain of 3.
★ Energy Efficient – each unit uses 2.3 amps. 80% less electricity than HPS/MH. Input voltage is AC 85V-265V.
★ Wide area – The best hanging height at 24″ to 48″. Core coverage area is 64″ x 64″(5.4ft x 5.4ft). Maximum coverage area at 78″ x 78″ (6.5ft x 6.5ft).
★ Used by the industry leaders for indoor/greenhouse grows in COLORADO, USA.

15.7" width
8.2" length
2.9" height
6.58 lbs weight


The 150 triple-chip LEDs include:

102 x Red LEDs (620-630nm + 650-660nm)
23 x Blue LEDs (430-460nm)
1 x UV LED (380-410nm)
11 x White LEDs (6000-6500K)
10 x Warm White LEDs (3000-3500K)
3 x Infrared LEDs (730nm)